Some slipper thoughts:

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By far the most relaxed slipper ever! One problem easily corrected with these shoes is the oversized ankle opening. You might feel your foot tends to slide around in them, especially with the slick leather insole. Here's what you do, and after this, they are the BEST. First, buy the shoes a half size small, then add an additional insole to each of them of the same size. Try and make them very snug on your toes, don't worry they stretch to fit perfectly. With the extra insole, your foot is raised enough to fill into the large ankle opening without having to jack the laces super tight and football laced looking(ughhh). These moccasin boost your self confidence and put a glide in your stride!

My Favorite Slipper. I've been wearing these since 1975. There was a period in the mid-70's when these shoes were very popular on college campuses. For some reason, maybe because their price went up dramatically, people stopped wearing them. I did not. For decades it was hard to find Wallabees. I bought a pair in 1990 at a San Diego shoe store for $30. They were in the bargain bin with the white, patent leather loafers that nobody wanted. I wore these for some years, had them re-soled twice. I was always on the watch for a store that carried these Moccasins. Several years ago I found them again in an Oxford Street store in London. I bought three pairs. I'm wearing one pair now. These are the most comfortable shoes in the world. For a long time I suppose I looked like Barney Fife, wearing suede shoes a quarter-century out of style. I'm 53 years old now and have no one to impress. I will continue to wear these shoes and if some young kid laughs at them I can always soothe myself with the thought that I've probably had more women than he has, I make more money than he does, and my feet feel better than his do.

Very comfortable slippers. These slippers are very well-made and super comfortable. They are worth every penny. They do however run small, especially for slippers where having a little extra room at the heel is always welcome. I usually wear a size 8 and had to order a size 10! will love them - I bought a pair of fluff scuffs for myself, they're sooooo comfy and warm. From the minute I put them on, I knew that's the only slipper I would ever wear. They're so wonderful that I decided it will be a "slipper" Christmas. I bought some for the whole family. For the guys I chose the Tasman slipper and for some the Mens Scuff. All the gals will receive the Fluff Scuff. I know they will all be wearing them after we open our presents. I bet they even wear them out the door on their way home. You'll never want to take them off.

So comfortable I don't know what I did to deserve it - SO COMFORTABLE, it's unbelievable. For those of us with smaller calves, don't be put off by the 17" circumference measurement provided in the description. They still fit fine; the circumference is so large because of the sheepskin padding/lining. Less expensive than Uggs, but still a decent amount of cash that you should be sure about your decision before dropping this amount of money on the Minnetonka. Not sure if this boot will be in next season, but given how comfortable it is, I'm not sure I even care.

The Best Slippers in the World - The Ugg Scuff slippers are, undoubtedly, the best slippers in the world! I bought them for my husband, and he wishes he could wear them to work. They are very warm for cold winters and have a solid sole that allows you to run and get the paper in your slippers. I would recommend these to anybody!

Uggtastic - I bought these for my husband because he needed some new slippers. He has not taken them off his feet since. He gets warm easily but these keep his feet the perfect temperature. He's lucky to have a wife who always knows best.

Best furlined scuffs I've ever had. I've been wearing men's sheepskin/furlined scuffs for many years, but this pair from Uggs is the BEST quality, most durable, thickest furlining I've ever had on my feet. I have worn them to the store, outside, in the house...all over the place, and they keep their great quality and durability. Even after two years of wear, the interior fur is still thick and warm! Lightweight and VERY flexible, but still very durable and will take a major man beating! Also, I wear an 11, but I ordered a 12...I like a little extra room at the heel. ...personal preference.

Bigfoot's delight! I wear a 13 normally and I like scuffs for around the house. Having sold shoes at times, I ordered a 14 and couldn't have made a better choice as I wanted some extra room. The quality is great and they're very warm, but are made in China, not Australia where UGG is headquartered. A correctly fitted shoe does not need "broken in" or stretched to fit. Always buy a well-fitting shoe. These shoes are perfect in that respect.

Ugg Scuff - These slippers are so comfortable. The fur lining is very soft and is perfect for keeping your feet warm even outside. I wear them everywhere (although I'm not sure if you're supposed to) and they are still in great condition. I wear size 11 shoes, but bought size 12 based on the reviews and recommendations of others. I was a little suprised when they ended up being a little bigger than I expected. However, choosing a bigger size may be a good idea if you prefer a little more room in the back.

Uggs Slippers/Scuffs - I bought the women's scuffs for myself last year. They were so comfy and cozy that I purchased the recent pair for my son-in-law to be for his birthday. He absolutely loves them. I highly recommend them especially for this long cold winter ahead of us.

Warm Slippers - I ordered these slippers for my son who is teaching English in the mountains of Japan and has commented about the lack of insulation in his apartment. I felt these slippers would be perfect and he loves them! They're toasty and comfortable and the service is over-the-top. You can't go wrong.

Double Purpose Slipper! This is a very nice looking, well built, and comfortable slipper. It has a semi-hard sole, so it can be worn outside too. Just received them, but so far, they are a great deal on an excellent slipper! Seems that the size is a little bigger than normal rather than on the small side, so keep that in mind when ordering. Give yourself a treat and order these comfy slippers, you deserve it!

Excellent slipper - I bought this shoe based upon a previous review, everything written about the shoe is true; comfortable, sturdy and capable of being worn outdoors to retrieve the paper, feed the dog, etc. And, the store gives outstanding service, great prices and huge selection. I have big feet hard to fit, Zappos stocks my size 13 eee in many styles.

Great, great shoe. Comfortable, well made and versatile. Terry-lined more than adequate for cold weather if you don't like sherpa or feel it's too warm. Though at first, felt a tad bigger than sized, a little lace-tightening did the trick. I'm going to live in these year round! Also, low price guarantee honored was credited immediately and shipment arrived in 2 days! Very pleased and plan on getting another pair!

Wow! These slippers were a hit when I gave them (LB EVANS Yukon) as a Christmas present to a man who constantly 'crushes' the backs of slippers. Thanks to the back border it was obvious that he won't crush these. Sturdy, stylish, warm and fluffy inside, the recipient loved them. A Huge hit, highly recommended. I bought them in size 13 and the fit was fine.

This slipper is great because it is comfortable and warm, but never hot on the foot. The soles are thick rubber, almost shoe-like, so you can wear this out to get the mail or go to the grocery store, in addition to lounging around the house. It does not look as rustic as other similar slippers, which I appreciated. The ratio of value to the cost is impressive. I'd get another pair when this one wears out.




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